She was sitting putting her head down on the table, thinking about all aspects of her life.

No achievements, no awards in last 3 years of her career. 
Why the hell I am even going office everyday if it is not making any difference?

So, toady we are going to talk about the WORDS and how they motivate us in our day to day life.

Everyone is determined to make a difference, everyone is trying to make a unique identity in the society. But not everyone has same intellectual ability and not everyone has same abilities but that doesn’t mean they are any less, everyone is unique and special in their own way.

He wanted to help her out. What is that you want in your life? He asked. 
“There is nothing you can do about so leave…” 
she muttered.

"Try me, even if I can't help you,at least you can give me a company 
I am feeling bored". He insisted her to talk.

No matter how hard I try, I am not able to analyze and provide valuable insights.

Her watery eyes were ready to drop but somehow she managed to stop her tears 
to roll down on her chicks.

Telling him with all her innocence,“Do you know,my manager hardly takes 
5-10 minutes and there he is: he always get what he wants - 
some words to kill me and some perfect insights from my report, which I create”. 
How can manager see things and I am not able to see? She asked with curiosity.

Well, all he wanted was to provide her little comfort. 
So he had no option to step back now. With a little pause, 
he replied. 
“I am not sure how your manager sees things easily which seems difficult for you. 
But I want to tell you a story. And 
I am sure then you will give me answer of this question. Do you want to listen it?”


There was a village blessed with all greenness and surrounded by the beautiful hills and mountains. Rattan loved to trek and explore top of the hills. One day, he was wondering about the people who can earn his trust and then a thought cross his mind. He decided of take a friendship test and asked 5 of friends his to take care of his family members while his absence. He wanted to explore the hills and this seemed to be the best time to test. Rattan readily packed his stuff and reached to the highest peak. He decided to stay there for 3 days. And when he returned, he thanked 2 of his friend and said sorry to other 3.


All this time he was exploring nature’s beautiful scenes and was also monitoring his friend’s each and every activity.Through the peak he chose to explore, he was able to see his village along with his friends . His binoculars helped him monitor the friends from time to time.


Because of height and binocular you can see a broader picture of the village at once however, when you are in the village, all you can see is 180 degree view around you.

Suddenly, he observed a smile sneaking around her lips and 
it reflected back on his face. Can you now tell me how your manager is so smart? 
he asked to teasing her.

The words he uttered, returned back her strength. 
Its all a matter of filter through which we are looking at the world.
And Words are a medium to provide you a filter through which you can make people 
smile and retain your smile :)