Holland is a very liberal country and the people there have a deep rooted sincerity towards fitness and health.

It was the August of 2015, I was deputed to Holland for my work and it was then that the people around me motivated to change my routine .

I remember my days when I just used to admire people running in the rain, running in the summer ,no matter what time of the day it is, health is of a prime importance to them. Amsterdam is best known for bikes and cycling , and cycling is the best exercise not ignoring it’s additional environmental benefits as well.

So what could be the motivation for exercise. (at least I used to think that way. Since. I believe in “God loves everyone equally, then why to go low on that pounds anyway..lol..!” ) But it all changed when I came across one of the fitness dance forms called “zumba” (exercise and dancing clubbed together) because dancing was what I loved to the core but never made up my mind to take any steps further to nurture this hobby.

1. Build interest by choosing your favorite physical engagement.

I started exercising at my home . It was tough for me, since I am a person who gets bored easily , so it was a challenge for me to keep continuing my exercise routine. So I started  practising Zumba  (new video each day) which automatically elevated my interest as I love dancing.

2. Choose an easy and effective way to exercise.

I decided to alternate my exercise of 30 minutes  (since my laziness could always overcome my will power to exercise ). If you cannot do it everyday, make sure that you do it every alterante day and gradually increase the time. “Anything practised more than 21 days, becomes a habit”. Sometimes I would simply choose playing my favorite sport over exercise.

3. Yoga – Gyming does not always mean you are fit


Going to gym is not always necessary to stay fit. Gymming is often focused on a part  of the body rather than the whole. Yoga  is the best form of exercise to attain inner and outer fitness. A model and famous athlete Milind Soman considers running over gymming since it is the natural way to use all your body’s major muscles and burn fat and strengthen your core.

4. Exercise and diet go hand in hand

Of course, there is no need for a full-fledged diet like crash dieting since you do need the essential fats for energy. Changing simple habits like eating an apple instead of that pizza slice at you grabbed during snacks time, having nuts in the breakfast (2 walnuts, 1 almond,1 pistachio etc) can help a lot in weight management.  Also don’t crave your body for the things you feel to eat at times because ultimately the craving will make you eat more someday. All adding to those extra calories you burned with so much efforts.

5. Focus on Postures

Exercise is all about proper postures and forms. Maintaining a right form while you workout can give you maximum benefit and will help you stay fit. You would automatically start following a good posture when you walk or even when you sit. Right posture while doing planks or any form of exercise ensures that there is no damage or harm caused to any body part while you exercise.

6. Love what you do and the results would be more visible.

Don’t keep on doing the same exercise always. Invent new ways of working out. Do some belly dancing at times, do a little kick box at times, go for some aerobic workout. The point is you should start loving what you do. Go out on a trek to boost metabolism once a month. Find ways to make you love your workout. That’s it!

Make it a part of your life 

Do you ever feel that brushing your teeth is a burden for you? .It’s just a part of life right..that’s the way exercise should be.

Exercise should not be considered as a task , it should be as stress less as brushing your teeth .

Holland was the motivation for me to understand the importance of exercise in my life.

I would love if  my post becomes a motivation for starting your workout someday.