In an IT industry , it becomes quite difficult to follow some ethics and maintain such a healthy environment system. But nevertheless I always try to follow these golden virtues to be the best version of me.

I feel that the values which make me successful, by far and by large at workplace is Honesty & Transparency”.

Its very difficult to stand by to being honest in corporate world where perspective thinking is most common.

I feel,  below are my most top two values which you should ask yourself

1. To Be True To Yourself

One of the example’s I recollect was to take leave on the day of my Marriage anniversary last year. I was planning to get away by hanging out in the name of sick leave since it was unplanned last minute. I was not convinced to do so as it was impacting my self value “to be true to myself“. Then I practiced the preached notion to uphold my self value in front of my supervisor by telling the truth. The manager did not positively acknowledged me, but somehow I felt more convinced to follow the principle which made me happier at core of my heart.

2. To Be Transparent As Much As Possible

The other thing which I emphasize regularly at work is to provide transparency as much as possible to the subordinates/colleagues etc. This strongly helps to build trust, bonding and long lasting relationships. I have been able to do so in cases of onsite, appraisal, transfer, career, staffing etc. This behavior reflects appropriate justice done by me to my role.

Being Honest Is The First Step Towards Success