It started when I was in school. There were so many things I just wanted to keep with me. But, it was not easy to keep everything inside your head, I feel like burden and low-esteem may be that’s why they call “human is by nature a social animal“, so I started writing journal and started sharing my feelings and soon it become my best friend.


In my early age I was not very much open to people and journal was one thing I trusted, to share my secrets and write all those things I was not able to share with people. And thanks to my journal now I have courage to write even on public platforms.

So today I want to share few important points which motivated me to keep writing to all this time.

  • Best Friend: Everybody needs a friend with whom you can talk, with whom you can share all your problems, with whom you can share all your happiness, who can hear your problems patiently without judging you. Everybody wants to express how you feel. And when I started writing, journal became my best friend and I was happy, was not worried anymore that when my friend gets angry she will speak mouthful to my classmates. A sense of trust and relief. It helped me to express my feelings without hiding anything inside my head.
My journal my best friend
  • Treasure my memories: And now when I read my old days back, it’s funny to read my own journal. It reminds me of a naive young impulsive girl, I was then. It’s like a treasure to me. Everything I read it I feel I am living it again.
Memory treasure
  • Helps me making commitment: There are times, when I was confused, what to do next? But when I started writing, most often I surprised myself after reading my own written journal. Even though I thought I was confused and was not able to understand what to do but most of the time, everything I wanted, was there in my writing. And this makes easy to understand my priorities and choose what I actually want to do next. That’s why when I complete writing journal for the day; I read it once to understand myself more. Most of the time I get answers after reading my own journal.
My Keywords that form a part f my decision
  • Helps improve my language: With time I feel I am getting better. I was having a hard time expressing my needs verbally and making decisions about things, keeping a journal of my thoughts is a great way to help learn emotional organization.

           It’s all a matter of words and how you narrate it.

I don’t feel awkward anymore. I have improved with time and so narration has improved too. Writing gives confidence on the language and subject.

R&D for writing and learning more
  • Demands me to read and research more: I wanted to share my problems and tell people how I have overcome them. Most times I make them aware that it’s not a big problem. It’s a kind of self-treatment. I wanted to share my story how I have earned my confidence. But again I wanted a generic story so that people can understand and relate to their lives. It was easy to share my own story, but in order to make it a generic one it would demand you to read more articles more bloggers. In order to make generic articles inspired by my own stories, I read and research more and more and then narrate in a way to deliver my message to my readers.

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